Suzanne speaks to Dacre Stoker

Suzanne Muldowney was able to speak with the manager of the Bram Stoker Estate, Dacre Stoker, Bram’s great-grandnephew and the international bestselling co-author of Dracula: The Undead. In a surprise pairing orchestrated by Chris Wilding, Stern show writer/ Producer. Suzanne was elated to speak to Dacre and it seems the admiration was mutual because Dacre in turn sent Suzanne a mysterious special package! (Exclusive Photos from Boris Gavrilovic from the Questionable Personalities Podcast)

Her special package from Dacre Stoker contained a copy of the new annoted 125th anniversary edition of Dracula!

He even personalized it to her!

It included a postcard of a drawing of from 1882 of Bran Stoker heroically leaping from a steamer into the Thames in an attempt to rescue a suicide victim according to witnesses, He brought the man back on board the ship, where unfortunately attempts to resuscitate him failed. The body was carried to Stoker’s home, and Stoker’s brother, a medical doctor, was sent for; but alas, was to no avail. For this act of bravery, Stoker was awarded a medal by the Royal Humane Society. “Mr Bram Stoker’s Gallant Act” The Penny Illustrated Paper 4 November 1882, 296 Courtesy of the John Moore Collection

Suzanne’s most cherished possession that Dacre passsed on to her is a special Vlad Tepes pen which I believe was from was from Bran Castle in Romania!

For more in formation of Dacre Stoker please check out

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I'm a long time friend of Suzanne's. I'm Webmastering this site on her behalf. She wanted a place where we can archive her photos, writings and she can preserve her legacy. I believe this to be here.

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