Suzanne Reflects on the New Year and Vows: NO RESOLUTIONS!

Writing: Suzanne Muldowney, Photos: David Check, ArtworkDejaxart

Dec 28th 2022: Now that all the Christmas parades have concluded. Let us reflect upon the past year and look forward to this coming year. My priority this past year was utilizing the 125th anniversary of Dracula the novel. I made seven Dracula performances this year including TV I was in 5 halloween parades I won awards in 4 of them. On October 26th I won 2 awards in the parade at middle township. I believe that was the first time I won more than one award for the same event. On October 28th I did a stage performance in Atlantic City.

But I also received a major shock: When I was told that the Atlantic City Ballet has performed the rival Stoker ballet every year and has done so these past 15 years!  This brings back painful memories of how dance companies refused to do my dance version of stoker’s novel; They said Dracula is too morbid!  Yet they agreed to perform someone else’s version! We’re my fears were justified in this rival version becoming popular so that I was forgotten? Could the casts, especially the dancers who played the title role, be made THE V.I.P.s and heroes? These occurrences put my future as the first dancing Dracula in jeopardy! 

This past year’s Christmas parades, I brought new life to the old-time song Suzy Snowflake by impersonating the character. I did her in 4 parades but won awards for only 2. This coming year, my character priority will be Shelley the South Jersey Shore Mermaid; It’ll be her 30th anniversary. I want to make more frequent appearances this year and in sites other than just Cape May and Ocean City.

I have been informed that there have been almost 1000 subscribers to my instagram page. Let’s hope we get more. 

May God bless you and keep you,


Follow Up: (As of 12/29/22) MULDOWNEYVILLE Instagram page has surpassed 1000 followers and the Muldowneyville Archive Youtube Channel has 100 Subscribers!

Suzanne: “As for the latest “No New Years Resolutions” video I wanted to make this additional statement: “Try to think back again on your own experiences of New Years Eves past: Did your parents come upon you and ask had you made any resolutions? If you hadn’t or had not thought of it, did they impose resolutions on you? Please answer in the comment area below.

My parents imposed reforms on me along the lines of what they thought I should do or not do, on an individual basis. I was intimidated by their bearing down on me; some demands they made I could never fulfill. My father, especially, scolded and lectured me, insisting that any imposed resolutions were for my own good! But all my life anything allegedly for my own good left me in a disadvantage!

The subscribers should look back on their individual experiences: Did you make resolutions willingly, or did others pressure you? Were those who goaded you really have you benefit in mind, or were they just exercising power? The tendency has always been to pull rank and prove superiority. All pressured reforms have two common denominators:

  1. “I’m so disappointed in you; We know you can do better.”
  2. “You’d better do so, or else…”

New Years can, like Christmas, become a time of reckoning, not happiness; If humankind continues to pressure and /or intimidate people into changing their lives, and for what? To improve or perfect oneself, or to satisfy sources of pressure? Think about it!

Suzanne is very interesting in your responses and we will make sure to read each response directly to her.

Artwork: Dejaxart

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I'm a long time friend of Suzanne's. I'm Webmastering this site on her behalf. She wanted a place where we can archive her photos, writings and she can preserve her legacy. I believe this to be here.

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