Suzanne Artist Spotlight: Terry Wolfinger

“It’s so great that she also loves Dracula, aka Vlad the Impaler!” Says Terry Wolfinger ( who is a very talented artist who photorealistic style is sought out by publications as well as by collectors who all love his depictions of fearsome monsters and stars of Sci-Fi and Horror. ( I bet Suzanne would be impressed by his renditions of Bela Lugosi as well as his “Prince Vlad” He created Christmas ornaments around a wack pack inspired theme and his depiction of Suzanne is a perfect angel to adorn anyone’s tree! So Merry Christmas to all!

Published by Muldowneyville

I'm a long time friend of Suzanne's. I'm Webmastering this site on her behalf. She wanted a place where we can archive her photos, writings and she can preserve her legacy. I believe this to be here.

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