Why Muldowneyville?

Suzanne at a Creation Convention 1985
Suzanne 1985

Greetings! Welcome to the new Muldowneyville site! This is a clearing house for all the writings drawings and memorabilia of performance artist and interpretive dancer, Ms. Suzanne Muldowney!

Why do this?

  • Because Suzanne keeps on producing content and doing stuff and it’s filling up my personal blog!
  • Because it would best be served all put under an easy to find place where fans can find all the Suzanne news thats fit to print under one roof!
  • Also I needed a place to put the pictures and videos people send me!

Whatever reason you are here, to admire, scoff or whatever I am not here to judge you. but here is some advice:

Suzanne is a very real person with real feelings so if you ever have the opportunity to meet her in person:

  • Please be respectful. if she is performing as the certain character she would like to be referred as that character like Catwoman, Supergirl or Underdog. Or you can refer to her as Suzanne or Ms. Muldowney.
  • She likes taking pictures, especially if you are kind. if you ask nicely.
  • If you ask a question (even if it’s about subjects she may find sordid) if you are tactful and respectful she will respond.
  • Leave the comedy to the professionals. She’s a human being out there doing a thing that makes her happy and wants to do her best to make other people happy. No need to troll.

As for me, My name is Phil, I first saw her on the Beyond Vaudeville program in the early 90s. (Tho I seen her on the Creation Convention circuit before that) The hosts introduced me to Suzanne after a live show and we became fast friends. Over the years we’ve been to many parades and adventures. She also has done my public access show Checkerboard Kids which some episodes has on occasion caught the attention of a certain radio personality. 😉

Published by Muldowneyville

I'm a long time friend of Suzanne's. I'm Webmastering this site on her behalf. She wanted a place where we can archive her photos, writings and she can preserve her legacy. I believe this to be here.

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