Irish Cinderella Returns for Fall Festival

On Sunday, September 26th, 2021, Suzanne Muldowney will don her Irish Cinderella regalia and join the Irish Fall Festival Parade in North Wildwood, New Jersey! It is the largest Irish Festival on the East Coast and a great opportunity to see Suzanne live enjoying herself in her element! Participants will be lining up at 12:30 on Surf Ave around 20th-26th streets and heading Northbound to First Street continuing to the fair area on Spruce and Olde New Jersey Avenues. Make sure to get a lot of pictures! If you are kind and respectful you can even approach her afterwards and take pictures with her! Make sure to send your best pics to us at and they may end up on the Suzane Instagram!

Here is a nice video Suzanne did for St. Patrick’s Day with lovely photos by Leon Martin

Published by Muldowneyville

I'm a long time friend of Suzanne's. I'm Webmastering this site on her behalf. She wanted a place where we can archive her photos, writings and she can preserve her legacy. I believe this to be here.

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